“Natural handmade bath and body care grown in the tropical South Pacific Islands and hand-made by the beach in Australia.”

COCOLUME is a range of tropical, vegan, natural bath and body products, hand-made from ingredients personally hand picked from the beautiful Islands of the South Pacific.

Supporting the local Coconut / Sugarcane and Coffee Farmers from Oxfam, Fair-trade and Trade Aid and local Coconut Plantations from the South Pacific Islands.

Our products are created to nourish and feed our skin without any harmful preservatives and chemicals or harming the waterways and our environment…


My theory is, a little goes a long way, and as a Tanzanian proverb states:

“Little by little… A little becomes a lot.”

This proverb is the mantra for COCOLUME, as our products are hand-made lovingly to help eliminate chemicals from your body, bathroom and our ecosystem, while in return, giving back to the earth… One scrub at a time.

Rarotonga, the birthplace of COCOLUME and the Island where these products originate from, inhabits beautiful, selfless, humble people. They have a deep respect for their land. Their values, culture, generosity and way of life are an inspiration.

The Cook Islands inhabit a lush, thriving ecosystem, beautiful landscapes, and of course they have the best coconuts. The Island, its beauty, its harmony, its people and the sustainability are the inspiration for COCOLUME.

The Name COCO-LUME comes from knowing every product contains rich, healthy and organic coconuts from the Cook Islands and secondly our products create a luminous, healthy, glowing effect in and on our body, I wanted to reflect this in the name. COCOLUME.

Aru i te ara o t era: “follow the pathway of the sun”

Meaning: Find the positive elements in your life, culture and being.

(Rarotongan proverb)

I believe COCOLUME has reflected this proverb in each of our products. The Pacific Islands have offered incredible therapeutic ingredients – and we have used these to create a caring, loving skin care range to help nourish our bodies while helping the environment at the same time, all of this while having an actual slice of tropical paradise in your bathroom.



“What we put on our skin, we absorb into our bodies and bloodstream. “

The skin is the body’s largest organ and little do we realize that we don’t treat our other organs to such damage as we treat our skin. Skin provides a direct filter to our blood stream and internal organs. So what ever we put on our skin we are essentially putting inside of us. We respond instinctively to natural, organic products, as our bodies recognize them and accept them more willingly than synthetic ingredients.


Without our planet, we simply don’t exist. We create an impact on our environment every day and we are unknowingly adding to the toxic pollution, killing our fish, aquatic life and plants slowly and painfully.

Some chemicals in body and hand washes remain in the environment for many years without breaking down. Imagine the damage that is done every time we wash our hands. This is why COCOLUME uses only natural plant based preservatives and ingredients. We want to help the environment, not hurt it.

Our Aim

Our core aim is to offer our customers products that not only smell good, feel good but products that are also good for them. We always have in mind the therapeutic qualities of the ingredients we choose. I hope you enjoy what we have to offer and reap the benefits from our products and where they have come from and what they stand for and how they can help us improve our overall wellbeing and health.