So whats in our stuff? And why?


Every single ingredient put into Cocolume’s products has a specific purpose for your skin..

COCOLUME is a range of anhydrous, tropical, vegan, natural bath and body products, hand-made from ingredients from the pristine, lush polynesian islands and around the South Pacific.  Created to nourish and feed our skin with pure, plant based, vitaamin packed ingredients. Made without any chemicals polluting our bodies, oceans, marine life or our environment…



The skin is the body’s largest organ and little do we realize that we don’t treat our other organs to such damage as we treat our skin. Skin provides a direct filter to our blood stream and internal organs. So what ever we put on our skin we are essentially putting inside of us. We respond instinctively to natural, organic products, as our bodies recognize them and accept them more willingly than synthetic ingredients.


We create an impact on our environment every day and we are unknowingly adding to the toxic pollution, destroying plants, animals and killing our marine life slowly and painfully.

Some chemicals in body and hand washes remain in the environment for many years without breaking down. Imagine the damage that is done every time we wash our hands. This is why COCOLUME uses only sustainable, natural plant based preservatives and ingredients. We want to encourage environmental sustainability, not destroy it.


 Our core aim is to offer our customers products that not only smell good, feel good but products that are also beneficial for them. We always have in mind the therapeutic qualities of the ingredients we choose.  I hope you enjoy what we have to offer and reap the benefits from our products and where they have come from and what they stand for and how they can help us improve our overall wellbeing and health.



 Rarotongan Coconut oil is my favourite oil, not just because of the heavenly smell.  Coconut oil has long been used all over the world for its many therapeutic and other benefits to the skin. It has anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, a wonderful balance of saturated fats in its natural form and even helps stimulate hair growth. Many aromatherapy recipes use coconut oil for the various therapeutic benefits it offers. It contains vitamin A and minerals and is soothing and nourishing for the skin since it can be easily absorbed. It is useful for treating dry, inflamed and sensitive skin types. It is a beneficial ingredient for all Cocolumes products.



Often called the miracle tree. Moringa oils benefits are numerous. India’s ancient tradition of Ayurveda says that the properties in the various parts of the Moringa tree prevent 300 diseases. Modern science confirms the basic notion, as the leaves are packed with health promoting properties. Scientific research has proven that it has a very high nutritional value. Moringa contains 90 different types of nutrients, 46 antioxidants, proteins and 36 anti-inflammatory agents. Moringa absorbs deep into the skin and supports the skin barrier, which is vital for protecting us from external damage, such as pollution, and is also critical to sealing in hydration.



Marula oil is one Africa’s greatest skin care oils. High in nutritional value, rich in oleic acid and anti-oxidants, marula oil absorbs quickly and hydrates the skin, healing skin tissue, reducing redness, reduces trans-epidermal water loss and increase smoothness of the skin. Being high in palmitic acid, it creates a protective coating on the surface of the skin, making it a valuable oil for dry skin. 



Meadowfoam oil has wonderful moisturizing and rejuvenating properties and is probably the best oil to help prevent moisture loss. It has superb anti-oxidant properties and skin softening benefits. Meadowfoam seed oil locks in moisture and allows entire formulas to penetrate deep into the dermis. But the real superpower here is its superior ability to bring balance to your complexion. The oil’s composition is strikingly similar to that of sebum (aka your skin oils), which makes a huge difference when it comes to balancing between excessively oily and overly dry. Leaving you with a plump, dewy, glowy complexion without the feeling of a heavy oil resting on your face.  It soothes inflammation and acne-prone skin. It wont clog pores or cause irritation. The oil boasts a rich antioxidant profile that lends it anti-aging properties and the ability to tackle fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness. 



Chia seed oil is a great source of Amino Acid Lysine and the antioxidant Quercertin. It is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acid with 60% of the oil compromising of this fattu act with an additional 22% is made up from Omega 6 fatty acid, making this perfect for deep conditioning and barrier repair. It has been found to have am anti-inflammatory action on the skin, which helps with ageing and sensitive skin. It is perfect for dry, troubled or ageing skin. 



A rich source of natural beta carotene. It contains five times more beta carotene than carrots. Beta carotene is a powerful antioxidant useful in reducing the potential for inflammatory damage of the skin. Fights ageing, dry and sensitive skin. 



Contains asiatic acid, asiaticoside and madecassic acid which stimulates collagen stimulates collagen synthesis. Gotu Kola is a key element is in repair.



Borage is well known as one of the richest sources of essential fatty acids known to man. It is the richest source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) – up to 25%. It is also a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals. Applying it to both sunburned and aged skin has incredible hydrating benefits, it is also  perfect for sensitive skin issues. It provides your skin with these essential fatty acids that it’s lacking, keeping your skin healthy. It not only restores moisture and smoothness to dry and damaged skin but can also provide relief to people who suffer from chronic skin disorders such as eczema and atopic dermatitis. Clinically Borage Oil has been shown to be a very effective agent for treating these skin disorders and for alleviating the inflammatory symptoms that are associated. Borage Oil helps restore the intracellular moisture barrier of adult skin that is either chronically dry or has been environmentally damaged.  For everyday use, Borage oil positively affects the texture, suppleness and moisture content of skin. Simply put, Borage oil is good for your skin.



Baobab oil is native to, and one of the prominent oils from Africa. The oil is derived from the seeds of the Baobab tree and the pulp of the fruit is six times richer in vitamin C than an orange. The oil is rich in vitamins A, D, E, F and essential fatty acids. Because of its high concentration of vitamins makes it a very nourishing oil beneficial for dry skin. Baobab oil is absorbed quickly through the skin and it improves its elasticity by encouraging the regeneration of skin cells without clogging the pores. Being extremely rich in essential fatty acid its useful in helping alleviate chronic dry skin conditions and helps promote smooth skin. 


Cacay oil contains 50% more vitamin E and twice the amount of Linoleic Acid than Argan Oil, as well as three times more retinol (a derivative of vitamin A) than Rosehip oil. Retinol helps combat wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Cacay Oil is the latest ‘Anti-ageing’ oil that is made from the fatty seeds of the Cacay plant, found in South America, making it the latest ‘miracle oil’, Cacay oil is the ‘Superfood’ for your skin. It quickly penetrates, nourishes and hydrates the skin. Cacay oil is known for its high concentration of antioxidants, which work to keep body cells, collagen and elastin from damage by free radicals, which in turn helps keep skin young and healthy. It is Anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory, and deeply moisturising for the skin. Cacay Oil protects and hydrates the skin, improves elasticity, making skin resilient, and also stimulates collagen production.



Used by the Egyptians for promoting beautiful and radiant skin. Geranium oil has antiseptic and anti bacterial properties and can be used to treat acne and reduce inflammation, it also corrects oily skin while regulating the skins sebum. It can reduce dark spots, fluid retention and puffiness. It was used in herbal remedies for treating wounds, cuts and injuries. In addition to healing scrapes and scratches, these properties are exactly why geranium essential oil can help beautify the skin. The astringent properties of geranium essential oil are said to help tighten the skin, which can help minimize the appearance of wrinkles. It also contains fatty acids, the nutrient needed to help build healthy skin cells.



A rich source of antioxidants such as vitamin C and E. Green tea extract is said to help repair the effects of ageing. The active constituents in green tea are catechin – polyphenols. Green tea catechins are potent antioxidants.



There is a specific oil that is derived from a nut in Polynesia and the South Pacific Islands, that has been used for centuries to clear up virtually any skin condition, Fijians call the oil Dilo which translates to “No Pain”. In the Pacific, tamanu oil is applied topically to help with cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites, abrasions, acne and acne scars, psoriasis, dry skin, sunburn and sciatica. Polynesian women believe that tamanu promotes healthy, clear skin and they use it on babies to prevent diaper rash and skin irritations. It is beneficial for dry skin to really nourish dry skin. Tamanu oil can penetrate the three layers of skin, you are receiving hydration on a much deeper level, rather than coating the outermost layer of skin. For acne for acne prone skin excess bacteria in clogged pores creates an environment more prone to acne breakouts. Tamanu oil contains a naturally high concentration of calophyllic acid and calophyllolides which function as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents. The antimicrobial properties help combat bacteria that cause acne and the anti-inflammatory properties help relieve irritation. Tamanu also accelerates healing which makes it an excellent oil for acne scars. The oil also helps stimulate new tissue growth, it may also help restore lipids and natural collagen in the skin. These properties can improve skin elasticity to help improve fine lines and wrinkles. This truly is an amazing oil!



Aloe Vera has many healing properties and is one of the best medicinal plants available as it is able to cure many ailments and health issues. Aloe vera has many healing properties and is one of the best medicinal plants as it cures many ailments and health disorders. Aloe Vera oil contains antioxidants, Vitamin C, E, B, allantoin, minerals, proteins, polysaccharides, enzymes, amino acids and beta-carotene. Aloe Vera oil is a very good source of anti-oxidants that can be useful in preventing skin damage from radiation. It includes aloe-emodin to eliminate the viruses that lead to cold, sores and shingles. Acne can be cured by a natural remedy using Aloe Vera oil. This can be used topically or internally to soften your skin and protect against infections. It can also cure eczema, acne, psoriasis, and skin ulcers This can be used topically or internally to soften your skin and protect against infections. It can also cure eczema, acne, psoriasis, and skin ulcers.



Other than jojoba and meadowfoam oil, macadamia is the closest match to the naturally occurring sebum of the skin. It is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. It contains squalene and oleic acid that assists with cell regeneration and is particularly useful for dry or chapped skin as it softens and moisturises. It contains omega 6 linoleic acid which is useful for balancing sebum production in oily skin and creates a natural protective barrier. It also contains omega 7 or palmitoleic acid, which is beneficial for wound healing, wounds, scratches and burns. The most important is that Macadamia Oil contains phytosterols that assist with itchiness and redness. And It’s highly emollient yet light and penetrating that’s excellent for dry and mature skins that have a reduced production of natural sebum.



Virgin Raspberry Seed Oil has a high content of regenerating and protecting components: alpha and gamma tocopherols (Vitamin E), vitamin A, omega-3 and omega-6. These provide superior antioxidant activity. A high level of Vitamin E is also known to have an important role in skin repairing and conditioning. This oil contains more than 80% essential fatty acids. Omega-6 fatty acids are typically present at a level of 50%-60%. It makes it one of the most active oils available. The composition of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids has been shown to reduce the effects of oxidative stress in skin. It is rich in alpha linolenic acid, suggesting pronounced anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Thus, Raspberry Oil is particularly known for the treatment of rashes, eczema, psoriasis and other skin lesions. It is emollient, lubricating, and conditioning. It creates a lipid barrier providing protection to the skin and moisture retention for the skin. Ideal for dry skin, tired skin, mature skin, and damaged skin. 



Camellia Seed Oil, also known as The Beauty Secret of the Geishas. The oil has remarkable skin restorative properties, which is why it’s been used by Japanese women for decades and it is still one of the most treasured beauty oils. Camellia oil is rich in vitamin A, B and E, polyphenols and mono-saturated essential fatty acids – omega 3,6,9 (oleic acid being dominant). This cocktail of powerful bio-active components has the ability to penetrate the skin with ease, without clogging the pores or leaving greasy residues, which makes it ideal for both dry/aging skin and oily/ acne prone skin. Camellia oil stands out as one of the botanical oils with the highest content of naturally occurring antioxidants, this plays key role in the prevention of premature aging. Another impressive characteristic of the oil is the fact that it contains phytosqualen – natural component that has similar structure to the fat your skin produces. Phytasualens make the oil especially great for dry skin, because it restores the disrupted lipid barrier, helping the skin regenerate on its own. Not only this – Camellia oil has outstanding water retaining properties – it hydrates and nourishes, leaving your face supple, smooth and glowing.



It’s common knowledge that vitamin E is good for your skin, but not many people could tell you exactly what this nutrient does, vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin. Vitamin E is an oil-soluble nutrient and is hence heavier than water-soluble products. It restores the lost moisture, and this is why it works best for dry and damaged skin, Just some of the benefits include: lightening scars Anti-Ageing, Treats Dark Circles; and help treat sunburns.



Treats oil, acne, anti-aging as well as extremely moisturizing. It is an amazing oil – great for oily or acne prone skin as it possesses astringent qualities. Great for all body and skin types as it is the lightest of all oils and easily absorbed into the skin and high in antioxidants. Grape Seed Oil’s Essential Fatty Acids, vitamin E, and flavonoids make it an asset in treating various health conditions, especially on the skin.



Soothes dry skin, relieves itching and is richer than some oils this nourishing nut oil is high in oleic acid and omega 9 fatty acids which are capable of a somewhat deeper penetration into the layers of the skin than other fatty acids. It may also have anti-inflammatory activity due to the presence of quercetin, a flavonoid compound found in almond skins and antioxidant activity due to high levels of vitamin a and e. Sweet Almond oil helps to relieve itching for it has a soothing and calming effect. It contains high levels of fatty acids, proteins and vitamins B1, B2, B6.



This is an incredible oil, with high levels of omega 6 and proteins green in colour due to high levels of chlorophyll, packed with nutrients and easily absorbed into the skin. Hemp seed oil has the perfect fatty acid profile, it possesses many therapeutic properties such as reducing inflammation, clearing acne and soothing eczema. Though very popular in Eastern cultures, hemp seed oil is just recently gaining popularity in the Western world as a multi-purpose natural remedy. Its essential fatty acids boost the immune system, brain, hair, skin, and nails.



Castor oil is antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal.  It’s often used on irritated skin.  Castor oil is considered a warm oil that promotes the circulation of fluids in the body and can relieve the soreness resulting from overworking the muscles, it soothes joint pain, and being full of fatty acids canola oil deeply moisturises and nourishes the skin.



Produced from the nuts of the Argan tree that grow only in Southwestern Morocco, Argan oil is known by many as “liquid gold”. It boasts essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals that promote overall health without any negative side effects like harmful toxins and parabens found in other beauty care products. It’s superb moisturizing properties make Argan oil ideal for face moisturizer, hydrating toner, rejuvenating face mask, leave-in conditioner, and moisturizer on pregnant bellies. Blended with essential oils for specific cosmetic purposes, Argan oil is unstoppable.



Arnica oil is found to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and may be helpful for treating or relieving muscle aches, spasms, pulled muscles, sprains, bruises, swelling, insect bites and general pain.



Calendula oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can soften and soothe skin, therefore aiding in healing of skin conditions. In past wars was used to help heal wounds, scars and infections.



Tamanu oil has one of the best healing properties of all carrier oils. Experts recommend that at least 10-50% concentration of the oil is required to enjoy maximum therapeutic benefits. In medical aromatherapy, it is used as an anti-viral medication, for wound healing and for pain relief.



Beautifully green cold pressed rich in skin softening sterolins. Avocado oil offers enhanced penetration of the vitamins it contains. Avocado oil soothes itchy skin conditions, is highly penetrative and contains essential fatty acids, protein, potassium, lecithin, vitamin B, D and A.



Evening Primrose Oil is used to combat skin dryness and skin irritations. It’s great for the skin and hair and is said to reduce conditions like eczema, psoriasis and premature aging of skin. Being very high in Gamma Linoleic Acid, it has been shown to improve skin functions, moisture, elasticity, firmness, and roughness. GLA increases circulation as well, which can help skin stay vibrant and glowing. It is rich in the flavonoid catechin, another antioxidant and in the amino acid phenylalanine, which is being studied for pain relief. Evening Primrose oil has fatty acids gamma-linoleic acid and it can be taken internally to improve digestion and reduce inflammation. It is said to help with various skin conditions.



Cleopatra used to use Olive Oil in all her beauty regimes, so no wonder it is a wonder moisturizer, packed with anti aging antioxidants and hydrating squalene, making it superb for skin moisturisation.  Olive Oil is rich in vitamin E, helping tone, repair, refresh dry, damaged and tired skin. It is used extensively as anointing oil as it is very compatible with all skin types.



Jojoba Oil is antibacterial oil, it helps clear skin and protects from free radicals. It is useful for those with acne or oily skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. Jojoba Oil is very close to the oils your body naturally produces.  It absorbs in to your skin easily without being greasy.



The most amazing of all powerhouse oils Rosehip seed oil is a lavish aromatherapy treatment for wrinkles, inflamed skin and to remove scars. Rosehip oil also has excellent regenerative properties for the skin especially with respect to curing conditions due to scarring and contains the super antioxidant lycopene to help repair sun damage.  



Organic Vegetable Glycerin is well suited for a wide range of moisturization applications that include skin, hair, nail and lip care. It restores elasticity to aging and damaged skin. It is non-irritating, soothing and is recognized for its ability to moisturize dry and cracked skin. Organic Vegetable Glycerin is non-comedogenic and is an ideal choice for inclusion in formulations intended for oily and acne-prone skin. Vegetable Glycerin is non-irritating and anti-bacterial properties make it an exceptional for skin abrasions, wounds, burns, eczema and rashes.



This flowering plant is popular for it’s potent natural vitamins and minerals for intense moisturizing and healing power. Like other seed oils, carrot seed oil has several skin benefits, including the ability to rejuvenate dry and mature skin. What’s magical about carrot seed oil, however, is its ability to rejuvenate the look and feel of your skin. Scientists think this has something to do with the “carotol,” a primary component found in carrot seed oil. The oil also has moisturizing vitamin E and protective vitamin C, which work together to help bring new life to skin. In fact, carrot seed oil has a reputation for helping with sensitive skin too. Carrot seed oil stimulates the growth of new cells and tissue. Carrot Seed Oil is rich in beta carotene, vitamins A and E and pro-vitamin A. It helps to heal dry, chapped and cracked skin, balances the moisture in skin,  and may even help to reduce wrinkles. It is good for the skin in many ways and because carrot seed oil is high in antioxidants, it’s a natural for any anti-aging skin formula. These components can help protect your skin from environmental stressors. It is also this ability that makes carrot seed oil a great anti-aging ingredient, as well. It can help firm and tone your look. If you have dry or oily skin, you don’t have to worry—like many natural oils, carrot seed oil has the ability to balance both! It gives skin just enough moisture without clogging pores, making it perfect for all skin types. In fact, anyone with dull, lifeless skin should definitely look for carrot seed oil in their skin care products. It’s abilities to rejuvenate and protect will have you looking more lively in no time.



Safflower oil rich in beneficial linoleic acid offers many benefits for your skin. It can fight acne, wrinkles, and dry skin. It also helps heal wounds and lighten pigmentation. And it can improve the barrier function of skin when it is compromised by essential fatty acid deficiency. Safflower oil is rich in linoleic acid, which accounts for about 70% of its composition, just what your skin needs if you are grappling with acne. Poor levels of linoleic acid can lead to hyperkeratinization, (increased levels of keratin, a protein present in your skin, hair, and nails). This causes dead skin cells to stick together rather than sloughing off, leading in turn to clogged skin pores and pimples. Linoleic acid has also been used to successfully treat melasma, a hyperpigmentation disorder where you get dark patches of skin and out your skin tone. It can also suppress the production of melanin and decrease hyperpigmentation caused by exposure to UV rays. It also speeds up the turnover of the outermost layer of skin or the stratum corneum which results in the removal of melanin.Vitamin E in safflower oil also helps protect the skin from the ravages of the sun thanks to its ability to counter oxidative stress.



Sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that permeates the deepest layers of the skin breaks down the “glue” that binds skin cells together. This stimulates cell regeneration and encourages new skin cells and thus younger-looking skin. Glycolic acid can be used to treat sun-damaged and ageing skin. 



Quality sea salt and unheated rock salt have natural antiseptic properties. They kill pathogens, detoxify the skin, and absorb dirt and grime. Used topically, salt deeply purifies and cleanses your pores without aggravating the microbiome of the skin. The abundance of organic minerals in unrefined salt is great for improving the hydration and appearance of the skin, strengthening the protective barrier and assisting the skin in holding moisture and hydration. Exfoliation is another beauty benefit of salt. Salts make an excellent, non-toxic exfoliating treatment for softening the skin and clearing away dead skin cells. 


These are only just some of the beneficial ingredients that we use in our products.. to learn more, check out our product info in our shop.