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Naked and Nourishing Island Body Oil is a lightweight, deeply nourishing, indulgent body oil to feed your skin with minerals and vitamins.

Oil makes your skin incredibly soft and tends to have a much higher concentration of potent ingredients like antioxidants and vitamins, which make skin cells more functional at retaining water and less susceptible to damage.

When you apply oil to wet skin it will last longer than any lotion and absorbs 60% more as compared to dry skin.

I always say,  you don’t know how good it is until you try it..

Body oils provide incredible hydration as nature intended. Infused with green tea, green coffee seed, and sea kelp extracts,  along with a hand picked blend of organic oils that have been selected to help stimulate the lymphatic system as well as hydrate, nourish and rebalance skin.


Most natural oils are easily and happily absorbed by the skin, won’t clog pores and suited for all skin types!

Contrary to common belief, body oils hydrate without leaving behind a greasy coating or feel.

Oils are a natural solution packed with vitamins and nutrients that have the amazing ability to balance the skin!





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THE BENEFITS OF NATURAL OILS. While oils have been used for hundreds of years in skincare and beauty products, it is more recently we are again seeing the huge benefits of using pure plant oils to hydrate our skin.

Body oils are easy to apply, are quick to absorb, super hydrating and give your skin a gorgeous healthy glow.

WHY OILS ARE GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN? Our skin naturally produces oil to hydrate, protect and keep our skin healthy. As we get older our skin produces less oils naturally, so body oils are a great addition to help boost healthy oils and keep us looking younger. Botanical oils (oils extracted from plants, nuts, seeds and flowers) have a huge range of beneficial properties. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins, omegas, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. These penetrate the epidermal layer to aid in repairing skin at a deeper level and can help improve skin tone, elasticity, rejuvenate, hydrate, heal and fight the signs of aging.


Oils can replace your normal moisturizers or can be incorporated into your routine and used before your moisturizer after a shower. In winter, or dryer months, oils are perfect to include as an extra boost of hydration, after you shower and before you moisturize.

Oils work best when applied to slightly damp skin, locking in moisture and keeping skin smooth and well hydrated.


However getting into the habit of applying oil to wet skin can take a little training and getting used to. Having to stop yourself for reaching for the towel strait away when you get out of the shower, and then having to wait around for a few minutes to let the oil start working its magic and properly skin in can take some adjusting to, but once you get into the habit you wont know what you were doing before hand.

Cocolume’s oil range is where the profound skin nourishing comes from and compromises of 17 powerhouse plant oils loaded with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions. Brief descriptions of our oils attributes are listed for you:

GRAPESEED OIL Treats oil, acne, anti-aging as well as extremely moisturizing. It is an amazing oil – great for oily or acne prone skin as it possesses astringent qualities. Great for all body and skin types as it is the lightest of all oils and easily absorbed into the skin and high in antioxidants. Grape Seed Oil’s Essential Fatty Acids, vitamin E, and flavonoids make it an asset in treating various health conditions, especially on the skin. SWEET ALMOND Soothes dry skin, relieves itching and is richer than some oils this nourishing nut oil is high in oleic acid and omega 9 fatty acids which are capable of a somewhat deeper penetration into the layers of the skin than other fatty acids. It may also have anti-inflammatory activity due to the presence of quercetin, a flavonoid compound found in almond skins and antioxidant activity due to high levels of vitamin a and e. Sweet Almond oil helps to relieve itching for it has a soothing and calming effect. It contains high levels of fatty acids, proteins and vitamins B1, B2, B6. HEMP SEED OIL This is an incredible oil, with high levels of omega 6 and proteins green in colour due to high levels of chlorophyll, packed with nutrients and easily absorbed into the skin. Hemp seed oil has the perfect fatty acid profile, it possesses many therapeutic properties such as reducing inflammation, clearing acne and soothing eczema. Though very popular in Eastern cultures, hemp seed oil is just recently gaining popularity in the Western world as a multi-purpose natural remedy. Its essential fatty acids boost the immune system, brain, hair, skin, and nails. CASTOR OIL Castor oil is antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal.  It’s often used on irritated skin.  Castor oil is considered a warm oil that promotes the circulation of fluids in the body and can relieve the soreness resulting from overworking the muscles, it soothes joint pain, and being full of fatty acids canola oil deeply moisturises and nourishes the skin. ARGAN OIL Produced from the nuts of the Argan tree that grow only in Southwestern Morocco, Argan oil is known by many as “liquid gold”. It boasts essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals that promote overall health without any negative side effects like harmful toxins and parabens found in other beauty care products. It’s superb moisturizing properties make Argan oil ideal for face moisturizer, hydrating toner, rejuvenating face mask, leave-in conditioner, and moisturizer on pregnant bellies. Blended with essential oils for specific cosmetic purposes, Argan oil is unstoppable. ARNICA OIL Arnica oil is found to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and may be helpful for treating or relieving muscle aches, spasms, pulled muscles, sprains, bruises, swelling, insect bites and general pain. CALENDULA Calendula oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can soften and soothe skin, therefore aiding in healing of skin conditions. In past wars was used to help heal wounds, scars and infections TAMANU OIL Tamanu oil has one of the best healing properties of all carrier oils. Experts recommend that at least 10-50% concentration of the oil is required to enjoy maximum therapeutic benefits. In medical aromatherapy, it is used as an anti-viral medication, for wound healing and for pain relief. AVOCADO OIL Beautifully green cold pressed rich in skin softening sterolins. Avocado oil offers enhanced penetration of the vitamins it contains. Avocado oil soothes itchy skin conditions, is highly penetrative and contains essential fatty acids, protein, potassium, lecithin, vitamin B, D and A. EVENING PRIMROSE OIL Evening Primrose Oil is used to combat skin dryness and skin irritations. It’s great for the skin and hair and is said to reduce conditions like eczema, psoriasis and premature aging of skin. Being very high in Gamma Linoleic Acid, it has been shown to improve skin functions, moisture, elasticity, firmness, and roughness. GLA increases circulation as well, which can help skin stay vibrant and glowing. It is rich in the flavonoid catechin, another antioxidant and in the amino acid phenylalanine, which is being studied for pain relief. Evening Primrose oil has fatty acids gamma-linoleic acid and it can be taken internally to improve digestion and reduce inflammation. It is said to help with various skin conditions. OLIVE OIL Cleopatra used to use Olive Oil in all her beauty regimes, so no wonder it is a wonder moisturizer, packed with anti aging antioxidants and hydrating squalene, making it superb for skin moisturisation. Olive Oil is rich in vitamin E, helping tone, repair, refresh dry, damaged and tired skin. It is used extensively as anointing oil as it is very compatible with all skin types. JOJOBA OIL Jojoba Oil is antibacterial oil, it helps clear skin and protects from free radicals. It is useful for those with acne or oily skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. Jojoba Oil is very close to the oils your body naturally produces.  It absorbs in to your skin easily without being greasy. ROSEHIP SEED The most amazing of all powerhouse oils Rosehip seed oil is a lavish aromatherapy treatment for wrinkles, inflamed skin and to remove scars. Rosehip oil also has excellent regenerative properties for the skin especially with respect to curing conditions due to scarring and contains the super antioxidant lycopene to help repair sun damage.  
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